art : the facts

december 2008

one reason
my truth
don' t confuse me
within the scope
lunartics pt1 : play>>>
lunartics pt2
the morning after the night before
network oracle on
rhythm of breath : play>>>
lunartics pt3
the remains of our lives

bonustrack: videoclip "the morning after the night before" : play>>>

sad songs of happiness

september 2006

little loved enemy
chained tongue
new day
average madness
all things considered
things will never be as they were
refuge denied
reality is lost
empty phrases
white line

urban jungle

july 2003

men at work
no eyes for that kind of love
no influence on future
but we survived this week
alive with floating dreams & passing strangers
in the urban jungle
we keep on trying
we may ask
was it all worth it? : play>>>
out of work
at friday 4 pm
we will survive next week (reprise)

dark city

april 2003

dying alien : play>>>
dark city
last recourse

the silence between us

december 2002

the silence between : play>>>
i won't believe you anyway
arabian piece
pain of the world : play>>>
last dance for tonight
four minutes left


july 2002