// One Reason

art : the facts

there are a hundred thousand reasons
not to believe in mankind
a hand on a bible means nothing to me
there are too many promises broken

there are a hundred thousand reasons
not to believe in friendship
the hours we spent don't make any sense
there are too many forgotten words

there are a hundred thousand reasons
not to believe in love
a kiss doesn't have to make me happy
there are too many senseless lies

there are a hundred thousand reasons
to refuse a smile to life
in this garrish landscape of today
i am taken aback by my roots

there were a hundred thousand reasons
to live before i was a child
most of them turned to dusty fantasies
forgotten and lost in my mind

there is just one simple reason
to forget these things i said
all this crazy thoughts are fading away
when i look to your mild grey eyes

// Network Oracle On

art : the facts

for our purposes, we' re going to severely limit the number of bits
to 8, 16, 32 or some other small numbers
interest from principal - I am not quiet sure they are real
what are your thoughts?
what happened last night?
summer is comming

hope they are all there - enjoy them all
he draw his conclusions on what to buy
basically, i cant live without it;
cant' t be a lover anymore
let' s find out...

obesity is dangerous, stop it
best place to find cure for your desease
preventing attack controlls exploit mistankly permit?
get out of these obese crowd

been here or not
need more info
how are things?
great you gotta see it
wipe out
level of function
just talk to him
busy as before
what about your suggestion?
can you recall all these situations when you plead to yourself to
get out of these obese crowd?

get hooked on this lovely replica bags
worldwide delivery direct to your home
huge price cut off today
confirm your satisfaction

several tips to make your woman happier
get the pair of shoes you have been eying all season
you are beautiful, because we care
get the right results fast and save

impropable things can really happen!
make the most of your dollar!
find out how to absolute!
some plush items to your taste

looking for ways to solve male, financial and family problems?
switch the network oracle on!

// Within The Scope

art : the facts

i designed within the scope
the purpose of determination.
an attempt to advance our definitions
with different archetypal scenarios-
and sampled words &/or emotional words lost its meaning...

i initialized an outsourcing project
to coordinate the final position,
to increase the profit maximization:
xy5 2u offers a better configuration
but you're just another figure on my favourite ivory chess board...

diversification is the future,
nuclear competence was the past:
ad hoc or asap, day dreams, do not disturb!
the win-win-principles made us happy
'cos i got the choice to buy another lear jet right here or right now.

access denied, your presence is contra productive!
new economy, dumdum bullets or something else:
i forgot the b-minus-s-dot-com factor
i respect individuals, but not here, not in my empire
where law and order blurred some time ago.

i pretend to be capable of communication-
my readiness for listening is my soft skill:
i got a star on my biggest radiator cowling
why do you wanna see my backbone there?
i wanna be loved, i love &/or need the arse-licker behind me...

cosmo politician ideas, human resources,
sonic barrier of idiocy, per definitionem:
i' m affected... let's talk about xy5 2u,
iron to paper, let's ask another coach,
the market is satisfied, don' t be but be in time tomorrow...

to be a leader includes to save the sourcing
&/or the position of the group, to develop
an optimised mass-market orientated portfolio.
it might take away our global players out of package-offers
'cos they wanna feel that well-known burned-out-bottoms-up-syndrome.